How long will a session last?

Normally sessions are one hour in length.

How often will I need to come?

This depends on the issues and goals you are bringing. Sometimes clients are helped with what they need in one session but the average number of times I see clients is around 4-6 sessions. The pace and length of work is decided by you and will likely become clear as you embark on counselling.

Can I work on my marriage or relationships if the other person(s) involved do not want to attend sessions?

Yes. Your ability to create change and healing in yourself and invite it in others does not need the other(s) to be present. At times the changes you make may even indirectly motivate others you care about to join in at a later point.

What if I am struggling but unsure of what I need help with?

Understanding the issues and jointly exploring and setting goals and establishing resources is often part of the counselling process.

Will I have to tell my friends or spouse or partner about my counselling?

Sessions are strictly confidential. However, legal limits of confidentiality are in place to protect minors as well as adults where safety to themselves or others is concerned or where legal court orders are required. Specific concerns you may have can be discussed in the first session.

Are you married and do you have kids?

Yes. I am married and have two adult daughters.

Are you a Christian and do I have to have a faith to relate to your approach to therapy?

Yes I am a Christian and it is important for many clients to know my faith governs my ethical, moral and spiritual principles because faith is a significant resource in their lives. However, many of my clients do not have a faith background or hold other beliefs. I am trained in, and counsel, from a clinical rather than a pastoral model and can respect and meet you wherever you are on your personal spiritual journey.

Can I receive reimbursement for counselling fees through my insurance or employee benefits?

Extended health care plans generally cover private psychotherapy services. It is helpful to contact your insurance provider or discuss coverage plans with your employer before making an appointment so that you are familiar with coverage amounts and number of sessions per year. Receipts are provided for insurance reimbursement.